True Life: things get better

Dialing…I’m in a position where I am not holding onto anything or anyone for dear life. I’m a dreamer and my dreams come true. I know that I deserve good things. The best really. And as somethings are gained something is always lost. I welcome this. I’m in a state of surrender. I surrender completely to God. I’m so trusting that the universe will align me with exactly that which is meant for me. So yeah. I’m believing that there’s something better in store for me. There’s more magic for me. There’s so much more than I can even think of. All for me. I was thinking today about how much I’d really like to be romanced. For a man to just show me a thoughtful, genuine, sweet-little-nothing romantic gesture for no other reason than because he wanted to. He wanted to romance me. Like I’m in the mood for such efforts. Theatrics, just because. I’d like to feel that feeling. Again. I’m in the mood for kissing. And then maybe some ice cream cake. Carvel over everything. I’m in the mood for dressing up for friend dates and talking in the car for hours. I’m in the mood to go sit outside in nature. For gazing at the moon. For all day play dates like hiking and picnics that we never want to end. I wanna dance in the grass with no shoes on. I’m also in the mood for a nap on the beach. I’m in the mood for someone to come join me in the water and see me in my element. Do what I wanna do. I’m in the mood for someone to let me put them onto things that I like. Get you out of your comfort zone put you onto a feeling that might change your life. Im especially in the mood for jazz these days. Live music in general. I’m in the mood to show up and celebrate my friends. For being great mothers, great entrepreneurs, artists, birthdays and all of their achievements. I’m just in the mood for something better. In the mood for more spontaneous link ups and any opportunity to get away. I’m in the mood to spend more time doodling and painting and drawing. Maybe finally do pottery. I’m in the mood to eat a whole bunch of crabs. Maybe have some red wine. I just know that the time is now. Life is precious. I’m in the mood now.

Like things are pretty good but I know that they get better. Can’t wait.☎️

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