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Love in the Light

Glistening over the dark ripples

of my waves

These tides have soared high and still

that white light, the way it shines so



Clear and true

I know the source could be from none other than you

You and all of your glory

For centuries people have heard of your stories

Wandering about, searching for confirmation

Yearning for proof of this

Your imprint traces the outline of my heart

and it keeps beating for you

Every day, and with every start

You breathe into me

Yes, you breathe into me

And by the end of the day its your caress

that is needed to fill this void in my chest

Love, when will you show your face

When will you intertwine with my spine

and walk with me until there is no time

How long have we waited?

Just to be in the same spaces

The demands of our lives tugging and ripping us further away

But I know Love,

Real love always stays

And while we are still protected by how hard our grandmothers prayed

We are still learning to love Love, day by day

Things grow lighter when we finally let go

And feel what it feels like to love in the light.


Angel’s Dust

It’s like crack,
Harlem shaking through your bones
It always brings you back to
Burnt glass dicks and a powdered nose
This is what life through sore eyes has become

A thick ball of pain and suppression caught right in the throat
Sunken brown eyes, blood shot red on disguising the truth
The vapors, the capsules and inhalation redefining your youth

You quit like a thousand times
Rehabbing from bad habits
Hoping the color returns to your face
But condemn yourself when you can’t
And return to the trap houses, where many a night you’ve slept on cold floors,
These have become the safe houses of your reality
Blanketed in the comfort of familiarity

So you slip again
Apologize again
Ain’t got a friend
But in drugs you feel closer to the God you feel within so you pray
Pray hard
Pray He just takes you away
Until another hit lights your soul on fire
Feels so good, what could be so bad about wanting to get higher?

This vicious cycle rips away chunks of your existence with fatal shark-sized bites
How could something so wrong feel so right?
Feel so light…
Take your spirit on flight
But imprison the beautiful temple where the power within you lives to break free of such a life

Death to the Flesh

I died today
For much too long, I tried so hard to stay
Flirting with limbo
Until I could bend no more
I could not stretch my hands further

Running at super sonic speed one day I crashed into my father

I found him when I went wandering
Through the meadows of nature
And it hit me that this was painted by his brush and
All the bumping and jiving
The sneaking, the lying
The sex and reckless driving
The tree and long islands
Could not compare to the feeling of freedom I got that day when I lift my eyes up

Fresh water streaked down my cheeks
And collected into a puddle reflecting my whole life
Mirroring the emptiness
The bitter loneliness that all along I’d tried to hide back when
I was driven by my passion and desire
To feel loved
Feel happy
Feel wanted
Feel something

But the good news is that I let it all go
And I died today
And the world could go up in flames
And I wouldn’t batt a lash
Because of the many they put on His back
I’m free and forever an heir
And there’s no chance of me turning to salt
Cause there’s no looking back from here

Her cry to the sky on bended knee

I’ve been running out of pavement
And these heels, they have been aching
Pitch black all around but my feet they glow
Providing just enough light to keep me
From falling off a cliff or stubbing my toe

This, is the shadow the Bible told me about
The empty space of nothingness where
Some lose their souls

Just keep me where the light is
Don’t let my heart break down in this hole
Rain down bursts of sun-rays
That shake me into believing you’ll finally let go of my history of doubt and disbelief
Suffocating inside

Demons out raging, all I need is time
But I’m running out of pavement create a bridge I can climb
To get closer to where you are so I know your love is mine

Free Falling

I find myself wandering about

fading in and out of daydreams

snippets of things imagined, things unseen

things that haven’t happened yet, things between you and me


And I wonder for a split second could this be?

Could we both be falling

for the wrong thing…


Yet some time ago I couldn’t feel a thing

numb to the idea of my heart pulsating for anyone

then you stormed into my life

Water-falling me into complete submission

Cascading your presence into my daily consumption


You remind me that the moon knows when to shine and the sun surely rises

I wake to your face and its smiling

Is this a dream?

Cause sometimes it feels like I’m flying.


Even if only for a second

I have to finally accept that

You are permanently ingrained in my grey matter

my eyes flicker at the hope, at the sheer potential of

A reflection of myself fading deep within your iris.





Some Day

I’ll look ocean deep into your brown eyes
Your iris will capture even my third eyes attention, and no words will be exchanged but
My heart will flutter without hesitation

This is the feeling lovers and dreamers sing songs about
We pour out our art, painting vivid pictures of how things start and the butterflies that ensue to consume your inside parts

Some day, I will catch myself falling for you
Though you and others have warned me so
Some day I will allow sweet somethings to escape from my lips
Some day I will engrave poetry into your skin  while we watch the moons eclipse

And some day, when our beautiful brown skinned, pearly white smiles meet there will be a flicker of electricity pulsating between souls

You’ve awakened something in me I thought had gone cold
Some day you will see that all I wanted was for you to be happy
With or without me
I have grown to care so much about a being who’s energy is so vibrant it transcends all space, distance or time and

Some day, I hope to keep you smiling
Near or far I pray you see through it all
Through all the pain and twisted past that make us who we are
Some day I hope you embrace me with open arms

And one day, and I know this for certain, I’ll dial up heavens hotlines and thank God for blessing me with someone like you.