True Life: things i wish you said to me

Baby you’ve been working so hard to stay alive 
through it all 
you haven’t given up
come spring come summer come winter come fall
even when you wanted to you found a new hope
Each low is a reminder of how low things can go
And I know sweetheart, it gets bad 
it’s so easy to be pessimistic
To think negatively
the glass is half empty type attitude
Always assuming the worst
The worst of people
The worst out of experiences 
You sometimes write things off before even trying them first 
And i know you’re an idealist
But when ur not overthinking, you know how to keep it really real  
it’s alright to believe in something
I promise it’s okay boo
It’s okay to look on the bright side of things 
Even when things don’t end up your way
Let it go sometimes
Let things flow
Cause whatever is supposed to happen is going to happen
It’s out of your control 
It’s okay not to know
Not to have an answer
To not have a plan, a project, a memo
It’s okay to focus on the good things beloved 
I promise it gets better 
and i see you doing the best that you can
That’s just the way life goes 
And that’s all you can do
It’s never enough 
But also never too much 

Keep going the way that you’re going ☎️

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