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Creative writings made with the intentions of spreading love, light and hope.

A Midnight Rose

We’re like the rose

Elegant with beautiful imperfections

Though highly respected

sometimes are neglected

When those petals shrivel into a dark crisp

And it’s life has seemingly been ended
But you see the rose and how it grows

Only lord knows how long it will have it’s life

It buds as a small flower and blooms into a majestic work of art

Praised and worshipped by men

Used to sweep them off their feet and woo women

but when they dry and shrivel up are trashed into a bin
What if we cherished a dark midnight rose

With dark stiff petals that are perceived to be dead?

What if we accepted that a rose is still a rose and a beautiful symbol for how we in our own lives too will grow?

Stunning and bold, full of color and life but one day our ripest of petals will soon fall off.

The rose is but a symbol of our hearts.

Not a measure of how we live and die in this life.
We are the roses.

For surely it is roses that grow from the depths of our hearts and reflect the love from which our souls shine.

And when those roses are in their prime be sure to share them and spread them all over.

There’s a flicker of light in the eyes of the reciever. They will be delighted and smitten by this grand gesture. A rose can make them a believer.
Be the roses.

Be that symbol of love and appreciation that you hope to fill the hearts of others.

Be the roses.

And one day you too shall recieve your own.

Be the roses.

Cause roses don’t die.

How The Sun Met The Moon

The sun 🌤 constantly grew up in the shadow of the other 🌟’s they were so bright and full of light. Galaxies away they sparkled and the sun just didn’t know where it stood until it grew up and a shooting star 💫 whispered the question: “do you know who you are?” And he replied no 🤷🏾‍♀️ and she said: “you are the one sun that ever was”

So then the sun got in his bag and was like I got so much light in me I’m finna let it shine! And so he would come out beaming boldly for all to see ☀️ every day and all day. Until he got tired and he would just fall to sleep.

But one night he wanted to stop sleeping his nights away and see what was going on in the world when he wasn’t around. He saw the most beautiful thing he’d ever saw in his life. She was glistening over still waters and stood out from all the other stars. Most of all she looked almost just like him 🌕 she was full. He wanted to talk to her but every night he lost his nerve. She made him so nervous.

He came out and she was wearing a different outfit every time. Monday she came out as 🌔 Tuesday she was 🌓 Wednesday she was 🌘 Thursday she was 🌒 Friday she was 🌑 Saturday she was 🌕 and Sunday she was 🌙

And it was on that Sunday where it looked like she was going away that he finally found the courage to ask from so far away: “what’s your name?” And she was flattered. Couldn’t believe someone had noticed her for she’d been alone in those dark skies for centuries. She replied in a soft voice: “they call me moonlight, who are you?” 

He said: “I’m the sun. And I honestly have to cut to the chase because I’ve seen you around for a while now and I think you’re the one” ✨

She said: “you don’t even know me. Where are you from? You look like me but I’ve never seen none who could shine so bright” 

He couldn’t believe she was talking to him. He hadn’t felt this way in all of his time and so every dawn and dusk he looked forward to that moment he could meet her in the sky, as day turned to night, and they could talk for a while

They’re first kiss happened exactly as the sun was about to set and he painted the most beautiful sky to greet his new found lover and they agreed to meet there for many forevers to come.

The End.

Three on the Third

There were three of us

Same dirt road

We walked for miles

Spent miles thinking of rest

Wondering if we could hide under the moon

Dreading the suns return

The night was jet black

There were no stars

We had no car

And we avoided any eye contact

That might give away how close we are

To breaking

Breaking down

Breaking hard

This parallel to life had gone too far

Never again would this mind be the same

Didn’t even notice it was the trigger

That gave way

Gave way to the vulnerabilities 

The ones that never existed before

But now stay

How did I get this way?

Nothing about my life had changed until that jet-black night with no stars

Walking along a dirt path with no car

My mental is forever shifted

There’s an imbalance they say

But what a life I live to witness 

A resilience unfazed 

by every symbol

The wind blew her way

That said “you are not enough”

Too many times she fell but every time she’d rise

Because of what happened that jet-black night with no stars walking on a dirt path with no car was that she found her heart still danced to its own rhythm and through each sacrifice there was a light being lit at the vigil of her failures.

Everything happens for a reason

But that don’t ever mean it’s all easy.

Accept the good, the bad and all its seasons 

It was written, the reason we’re still breathing 

The Best Years


We go weeks and months in between

We can’t, but want to be there

Sharing coffee, spilling tea, remembering

The bond we’ve nurtured over these years

You see, I watched your kids grow up

They grew up right in front of me

And I remember when you jumped the broom

How we danced that night, I remember 

Yes I remember

That one birthday, we got so lit 

It was all a blur but the memory remains

Just like I remember that year you graduated 

And how we celebrated

We laughed 

We sang

We danced

These are the times 

The times I will always remember 

I remember waiting outside the club 

Freezing in heels

Waiting to get to our table

I remember that time we got so high

I thought the car was a spaceship

I got seasick and my insides met your floor 

I remember

I remember you making music working on beats

And us sleeping on that hard floor of that studio

Yes I remember

How could I not remember 

How time has escaped me

Where did the minutes go

The hours we used to spend talking on the phone

Take me back to the soccer games we played 

The young love I used to date 

Time is precious

And as my clock ticks down 

I learn to cherish 

Because these days will swiftly pass by

And today will become yesterday 

Within a blink of an eye 

Black hair turns gray

And suddenly we can’t remember certain things 

We lived in so many moments 

But we will never get them back

The memories will never let go

And it’s getting harder to stay in touch

But wherever you go 

However you grow

Please, just remember 

Remember how things were before

Before we had jobs

Before we had nice clothes

Before the car payments

Before we knew what we now know

Our time is ever fleeting

And these years will keep going faster

Seeming shorter

So be in the moment 

When it comes to memories I’m a hoarder

And I will hold on to as many details as I can remember

Because to remember 

Can feel like to relive 

And to relive is to experience love once again

Fork in the Road

Things will be as they will be.
Divine intervention saved us one, two, three many times
and this time I’ll be the one to walk away
I won’t make you go but i cant keep you Don’t ask me to stay
it’s time to move on toward the rest of your life. Without me.
It’ll be beautiful
The love we commit to one another had to be equal
But we kept missing eachother
Skipping eachother
You looked in my eyes and saw me playing tug of war
with what I was feeling and what you were seeing
We were not aligned
The stars turned to dust
And now the memories will forever remember us
As the two who could never be
Who keep finding eachother
But fail to believe
We remain in limbo
And we never grow
Throw in the towel
Things must go on from here
There’s potential in the atmosphere
For us to lead happy lives
Without eachother
Though we’ll never find no others
Like us
Sometimes life ends up like this
I’ll go left and you’ll go right just
Pray we don’t loop around and
Take this same walk again
The merry go round must end

Love in the Light

Glistening over the dark ripples

of my waves

These tides have soared high and still

that white light, the way it shines so



Clear and true

I know the source could be from none other than you

You and all of your glory

For centuries people have heard of your stories

Wandering about, searching for confirmation

Yearning for proof of this

Your imprint traces the outline of my heart

and it keeps beating for you

Every day, and with every start

You breathe into me

Yes, you breathe into me

And by the end of the day its your caress

that is needed to fill this void in my chest

Love, when will you show your face

When will you intertwine with my spine

and walk with me until there is no time

How long have we waited?

Just to be in the same spaces

The demands of our lives tugging and ripping us further away

But I know Love,

Real love always stays

And while we are still protected by how hard our grandmothers prayed

We are still learning to love Love, day by day

Things grow lighter when we finally let go

And feel what it feels like to love in the light.

Life’s Nutrients

There I sat in a skyblue pencil skirt paired with a yellow top I once wore to dress up like that Arthur meme. Starry eyed. Enamored by the opportunity I have each time I visit my uncle and am able to witness what friendship looks like. In real time. A friend might be one of the rarest things to come across in earth. It requires an intentional effort. A real decision to be there for one another unbound by space and time. I sat there listening for hours to my uncle, one of the greatest storytellers I’ve ever known. And for hours my father laughed and corroborated these stories. We discussed many things and I continued to bounce my eyes from my uncle to my father and back again. Effortless. This relationship is deeply rooted. The synchronization of their spirits is one like I’ve never seen before. I can never help but to be in awe.

            The main topic of discussion was nutrients. Nutrients are needed in order to sustain growth and a good quality of life. They are natural and can be found in foods. Many foods of which seem hard to find at your local supermarket these days; nonetheless, necessary. My uncle showed us the early springing fruit in his garden that he has tendered and gardened with love over many seasons. He talked us through each fruit and it’s story. Alternating between Twi and English but we still all laughed in the same language. This conversation was vastly informative; I learned so much about how to improve my own health and make better healthy choices in order to live a happier and healthier lifestyle. The stories that were woven in to give context and background to nutrient rich fruits like the goji berry, allowed my imagination to soar. I was blown away by the amount of information that was transported to me with such ease and humor. This moment I began to hold onto like it was my birthday, hoping it’d never end.

We came back inside to talk more. And as I was sitting at my uncle’s table drinking coffee spiked with vanilla and caramel creamer, I began to wonder about life’s nutrients. The metaphorical value of nutrients. What aspects of this life are required to sustain growth and a good quality of life? What do we need? Who do we need? In my 24 years of life I’ve learned that I don’t need a lot to be happy. In fact I’m the unhealthiest when I use things in the exterior to fill my insides. To increase or enhance my mood. But as the naturalista that I truly am, I love and respect nature. I believe in nature. When I am out in nature for a walk or just to breathe in air, to greet the sunrise or admire the moon, I’ve found my spirits are higher. So now I’m determined to intake more of life’s nutrients in order to be happier. I’m elevating to a new level that does not require engaging in toxic relationships, or relying on drugs or alcohol as a requirement for happy. Happiness comes from within. And it comes from what you put in. I’m most happy when I’m doing things that I love, unworried about things that may be out of my control. Completely submerged in the present but still keeping my dreams surrounding a better future. I’ve learned that I tend to isolate but that in life we do need each other. We need people to laugh, cry, dance, play, sing, study, share and Be with. We do. No man is an island. There is a reason and a value for every person who enters and even exits your life. What makes the difference between the people who pass through and those who stay is the love. Love is a decision. A constant. And in any friendship you have to consistently make the decision to choose one another. Much like my father and my uncle. They have chosen to keep in contact. They know each other so well that they know what works for them. I want that. I have been wanting and working and building and failing and trying to rebuild again and again to eventually have friendships like that.

Which leads me to one of the most important relationships with the richest source of nutrients that I know: God. Aligning myself with God in a way that I spend time in an organic and genuine way with Him is crucial to my health. I feel better internally and externally. It is difficult to do almost anything without hope and having a relationship with God gives me that. My father and Uncle each have a strong faith and relationship with God. Independently and yet also together. They pray for one another and also with. They have devoted themselves to living the work of the Gospel and that is why it’s not surprising that they have been able to align themselves with one another in a way that is heartfelt and real. They are like-minded and like hearted individuals. Since I was a small child, I was exposed to a friendship between my uncle and father where they would do anything for each other. It engrained in me a true respect for a friend. And now I know friendship in all of its rarity is a requirement for happy in this life. This is why I am constantly striving to be a better friend and am able to recognize how blessed I am to be able to call even one person-Friend. We all need more of life’s nutrients and we may need more of some than others but constantly evaluate your level of happy. And be sure to recharge on all of the good things so that mind, body and spirit you are able to stay healthy and keep happy.