About Sua

I am “Akosua” meaning a girl born on a  Sunday. Born and raised in Baltimore, MD by way of Ghana. I am a lot of things but I mostly see myself as an artist. Not because of the art I create but because of my perception of the world and thoughts about how I can contribute to something bigger than myself. I currently hold a B.A. in Public Health and MS in EDU as I am particularly passionate about mental, children and women’s health, education and awareness.

I am mostly a writer. I write about my passions. I write with the intentions of spreading love, light and hope. While I mostly write, because I feel it’s the one outlet where I can be the most expressive and most original; I also enjoy dancing, listening to music, reading, painting and anything nature related. I like tea and movies. I like making memories with my friends and I like singing loudly and taking really hot candle lit baths lol. This sounds like a bio on tinder but it’s true!

My intentions with this blog are to capture my thoughts, feelings and he[art] all in one platform. Heavenshotlines is a concept I created where you can literally dial into this judgement free space and be completely vulnerable. A place to connect and reflect with your higher consciousness- call it the universe, call it good energy, call it the vibe.

I call it heaven.
I hope to inspire others to join me on this journey.

Email| bamfosua@gmail.com

Instagram/Twitter| @shetheroses


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