True Life: who’s loving you?

I heard a great wisdom about the misconception that “you will find love when you’re not looking for it” however there is nothing in the world we obtain that we gain without looking for it. You won’t find your keys if you don’t look for it. You won’t find your phone if you don’t look for it. You won’t find a job if you don’t look for it. Why is it that when it comes to love do people assume you will find something you’re not looking for? We romanticize this idea of love much like the movies where it’s assumed like you find it perfectly packaged instead of something that you attract, build and grow. We can only do this through the act of loving and looking for love. Looking for people, places and things to love cherish and care for. Where we experience being loved and feeling loved. Whether that be self love and pouring yourself.

When your mind and body are aligned you are your best self. And when you are doing things to better yourself you tend to attract what you are. So I’m a person who is almost always loving. Everywhere that I go. Someone asked my dad to describe my personality and the very first thing that he said was “she is a very loving person” it’s just who I am. So sure, I am always looking for love because I surround myself with love and I spend so much time and energy practicing love.

I don’t think that makes me desperate or even a hopeless romantic. I think it makes me a person who understands my spiritual gifts, purpose and commitments to myself and the welfare of others. And I know I will never have a problem rising and growing in love because I naturally attract love simply by being me. So I’m just practicing being present and look forward to attracting people who regard and practice love how I do. And I do look forward to having a romantic interest who truly loves and values me. I want a transcendental kind of love for us all. ☎️

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