True Life: in the comfort of

I’m not playing about my comfort 
never no more 
I will not sacrifice my own comfort for anybody else’s convenience or for pleasantries or societal norms or for any reason really
I’m just tryna stay comfortable
I operate best when I feel comfortable
I lived too much of my life on the edge
Like that blue frozen emoji face 
Like be forreal
This is my life
And I have to live it 
So I choose to do so comfortably
Despite the money
Or anybody’s hurt feelings 
I can’t care about it 
If we not aligning and I have to operate in discomfort just to keep you, I’m good luv 
like forreal 
So much of my time is spent in discomfort at times when it comes to certain disciplines to maintain routines, structure and to earn money for a living
So absolutely in my free time
In every single one of my relationships
I expect and depend on those things to be comfortable
bring my life peace and comfort
I deserve to have something good 
Whether that’s a snack
An activity 
A hug
Lounging around
We all deserve comfort 
I rather be cozy and solo
Than to be uncomfortable and all in the mix 
This is just me
I realize certain ppl live to be in the mix
Live to be in drama
Or uncomfortable settings and situations
social settings be so much more about the politics than the actual vibes these days and truthfully
I’m just not that girl
For me it’s always the little things 
It’s simple really 
And I just want to be as easy going, soft, feminine,  calm and as light as possible ☎️

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