True Life: love makes the difference

Stigma deduces a persons value and worth based on societal views that are based in inequity and discrimination

Stigma is the reason so many people are in bondage for things like having mental illness or other illnesses deemed as “crazy, nasty, less than” 

When truthfully…it’s an illness or sickness beyond your control
And yet there is so much shame
So much guilt
Look at the stigma with COVID like cmon
it’s sad really
But i truly believe the key to living in a world where people living with mental illness and other ailments/disabilities are valued as humans and accepted for who they are, we need to destigmatize
and i believe that love will make the difference.
I decided that i will always love me, in spite of
I will always strive to show myself kindness and compassion
love and care
however I will always stay curious
I will always stretch myself to grow my brain
Always live life through an inquiry based lens
I heard this song lyric “don’t hide from the questions that rise deep within” and I’ve just marinated on that fr
Like our spirit and our intuition
Those feelings that question our integrity our motivations our intentions our decisions
It’s important to question these things
However, even when you don’t get it right it doesn’t mean you are less worthy of love or that your value decreases
It’s just acknowledgement of your humanity
So that you can check in with your areas for growth
I’m working on not communicating to people with an energy of irritation or stress
When I do that i am more likely to say something that may be offensive or even hurtful
However, as much as I strive and practice this way I will fall short time and time again
so I’m just practicing loving
I’m committed to extending myself the love and grace I look for others to extend me
I am also striving to be in more low stakes environments
Low stakes means being able to show up however I show up that day with whatever percentage of energy/capacity that i have that day
And still be loved
I know that i am always loved
And i am always deserving and worthy of love
Especially from me
At times when I have been around people who for whatever reasons have made me feel unloved,
In ways it made me feel less worthy of love
Like i had to work harder and try to earn their love in order to validate that i am indeed worthy of love
But that is not true
Real is God
And God is love
Love makes the difference
That self love should always remain
Even when you make mistakes
Even when we are eternally flawed
Even with all of our life’s complexities and past transgressions
Even when people tell you otherwise
Love makes all the difference
It makes the difference in how we experience life
And how we experience joy
And are able to foster a lifestyle of peace
So I’m reflecting on this month and all the ways I’ve fell short
All the things I’ve lost
All the ways I’ve hurt
And i am so grateful
Because of the love that i have for myself
Those things were not devastating
My love for myself and efforts to practice extending myself grace instead of criticism and judgement for not being perfect and also beating myself up bc of certain stigmas…
I’m just accepting of who I am today
Arms wide open for me
I’m doing alright
I am okay
I am well
I am whole
Because i love me and i am loved
The caterpillar evolves into the butterfly eventually
And it is beautiful
And it’s always the love
that makes all the difference ☎️

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