Gifted and Talented

I remember seriously struggling to learn and focus in the classroom when I was younger. I was in ESOL classes and lower level classes until I had this one teacher, Mrs. Penland, who stepped in and change my life. She was truly gifted at her job of teaching. She was also deeply passionate and took a real liking to myself and my family. So she would teach me after hours and even take me to her house sometimes and she really dedicated a lot of time to helping me prosper. Now this transition didn’t happen immediately, but I remember the time I  got placed into Gifted and Talented (GT) classes. GT classes distinguished students with gifts and talents from those who were average or seemingly un-gifted or talented. Now when I think about the kind of division the schools I attended created it’s kind of sad because God has given us all unique gifts independent from one another. However, just as being placed in GT classes gave me great confidence in myself academically, I remember when I wasn’t in those classes and the derogatory feeling of hopelessness that overcame me. I felt like there was nothing special about me. I felt I’d never be good enough.

Well in Romans 12:6 it says that by the grace of God we each have a gift. Meaning God intentionally gave each of us a different gift on purpose and that we all play a very important role in our ultimate goal here on earth which is to spread the gospel of Christ and His love. Now understanding this, I see how negligent schools are in making students feel un-gifted or incompetent. And I think that’s one of the worse things you could do to a kid’s spirit. Its just an unrelenting crushing of self-esteem and confidence for years and years. If you tell a kid they’re a bad kid, they will produce badness for that is all that they can hear that they’re good at. Similarly, if you tell a kid they are good they will produce goodness because they can hear that they’re good at being good.

I was really compelled to dial up heavens hotlines today because I really do believe that I’m gifted and talented. Not because some school placed me there but because He placed it in my heart. I feel like I’m gifted at infecting love wherever I go and I’m talented at working with kids. Who knows, I might have 3,4,5,6 million other gifts. But I know that I’m special. And I’m really honored to have the gifts and talents that I do because, when you decide to use them and put them to use for good or the betterment of others, it feels so rewarding and fulfilling. I just hope people don’t let their gifts and talents to waste. Like Dr. Seuss said no one is youer than you, so why not do you and show everyone what you can do?

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