2014: How do you Measure a Year?

In Love.
As simple as that.
How much did you love and feel this
I woke up this morning not feeling well at all. I was attacked by all kinds of cold/flu symptoms! However, as I was being taken good care of by my love all I could think about was how blessed of a year this was. Love is what drove me and kept me happy. Mostly the Love of God and the Love of myself. It was an amazing year! I feel like I’m turning 1 year old because this was the first year that I went into where I declared that I was going to make my happiness a priority. And though I went through a lot this year, my spirits were high and remain strong. Stronger than ever. Every photo captured of me smiling this year was truly genuine. I was truly happy. So the following short posts will be brief reflections on my year. On my growth.

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