“whatever you do, don’t get upset, it only hurts you”

Now. I know unforgiveness is like drinking poison and waiting for the other person to get sick. But anger. Anger is not something I’m familiar with because I rarely get angry but what I noticed is that when I do… I really really get angry. And I let it build up and up because my tolerance level is so high.

So after virtually blowing up last night, and reaching out to my dad at like 3am, he shed some brief but serious light on me. Anger does not solve anything. God says we should be slow to anger and I know that but I assumed since I wasn’t angry often then that still would count right? No. When I look at the advice he gave me it made so much sense. It was just like the poison analogy. I was the one to go to sleep angry and make all these angry snapchat stories and even had a dream about letting out my anger on the person in the situation.

Then I woke up to a beautiful quiet morning. And I found clarity. I realize that while I’m mature there are moments like these where I feel my rationale is that of a person more my age. Because I mean, I’m young and I’m learning. I’m learning and practicing, I guess is a better way to put it, how to deal with situations as a woman. I appreciate this experience for taking me 0-100 but then realizing shortly after that it doesn’t have to be all that. You should never let the actions of others impede upon your happiness. And me, I protect my happiness with a passion which is why I guess I’m shocked I blew up like I did. But again, one person can only take but so much I’m just glad I came out of this having learned something.

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