Dialing Heaven’s Hotlines: Valentine’s Day

I woke up to no alarm. The natural vibrations in my body matched by the sunlight peeking through closed curtains welcomed me to the morning. Thankful, to see another day. I slightly predicted the message about marriage to be preached at church and anticipated to feel like I stuck out like a black person in a predominantly white institution as a single. I thought I was going to feel the bitterness of lonely. And resentment and jealousy of memories of past valentines day.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. I was overwhelmed by God’s love. By the presence of his spirit. For I know love because he first loved me. So I relaxed in the pew I sat in and basked in this love. Today is a celebration of love. Of unity. Of marriage. Of oneness. I can only be happy for all those in love celebrating valentines day not as a trend or out of tradition but as a symbol and reflection of the love they have for one another.

I’m optimistic about the love I know that is waiting for me here on this earth. That is preparing itself and shaping and molding and maturing, just for me.


Happy Valentines Day everyone!

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