Love in the Light

Glistening over the dark ripples
of my waves
These tides have soared high and still
that white light, the way it shines so
Clear and true
I know the source could be from none other than you
You and all of your glory
For centuries people have heard of your stories
Wandering about, searching for confirmation
Yearning for proof of thisYour imprint traces the outline of my heart
and it keeps beating for you
Every day, and with every start
You breathe into me
Yes, you breathe into me
And by the end of the day its your caress
that is needed to fill this void in my chest
Love, when will you show your face
When will you intertwine with my spine
and walk with me until there is no time
How long have we waited?
Just to be in the same spaces
The demands of our lives tugging and ripping us further away
But I know Love,
Real love always stays
And while we are still protected by how hard our grandmothers prayed
We are still learning to love Love, day by day
Things grow lighter when we finally let go
And feel what it feels like to love in the light.

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