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Laugh Til We Cry

A, bb appreciation prose 🌹

Stamp of Approval

It’s that smile,

Pat on the back,

Cheering from the sidelines with their large signs 

That keeps you going

The energizer bunny strong you are if you let them tell it

High-fives and “good jobs” 

A+’s and compliments

Likes and long fb comments

They make you blush,

Make your heart flutter,

Decieve you into believing that void and self-doubt you feel you can fill with just them

It’s that stamp of approval you get for answering the question correct

That slight hesitation you experience but they catch

You need to feel like they like you

And that whatever you decide to do they think is right too

You rely on them for pick me ups and warm heart revival 

But what you don’t understand is that you need none of this for your survival

You are beautifully and wonderfully made

In his image

You are great and it’s independent 

Of what people think

Or what they tell you

Everybody got an opinion, they’ll pull you up down left and right too

Spending so much time trying to please people you’ll always lose you

Most importantly you’ll distort the point of why God made you You

Unique and cool 

in your own way

Spreading your own light each and every day

Embrace who you are no matter what they say

Do what’s in your heart and try not to stray

From the person he called you to be 

He’ll always make a way.

Because really it’s His stamp that is the only one that should count a thing

The Hopeless Romantic

This person is in love with love.They believe in fairy tales and love.They’re not to be confused as stalkers or creepy because that’s not what a hopeless romantic is. All hopeless romantics are idealists,the sentimental dreamers,the imaginative and the fanciful when you get to know them.They often live with rose colored glasses on.They make lovelook like an art form with all the romantic things they do for their special someone. 

I always thought I was a hopeless romantic. Hopeless in the sense that the love I imagined I should have will never exist. But I was wrong. I’m a hopeful romantic. I’m in love with love and like Kendrick said “I love so much, I love when love hurts.” This is because I have so much love inside of me. I used to say I was just a “sucker for love” but no. love is a sucker for me. I’m by nature just a very loving person and my heart is very big I just want to spread love all around. Romantic or otherwise. So I have to be hopeful that there’s someone out there who can receive that. I am pretty much this definition but I think it hints at this idea of lack of reality. People think you’re a hopeless romantic because you are not realistic about the kind of love you deserve or can obtain hence the “rose-colored glasses.” But let’s be real. I know everything isn’t rosy. But you can have whatever you want in this world if you can think it. If you have faith and believe it. So I believe I can have it. I’m very realistic about what the reality of my love life is.

SO yeah lol this was a pretty random post but I just felt like saying I think people should stop being negative and calling themselves hopeless romantics simply because they have bigger ideas for the kind of love they want. Why would you settle for a complacent dull commitment when you could have passionate and complex depth with another person? It’s that depth and that passion that I long for and the truth is it’s hard to find but like Adele said “He’d be hard to chase but good to catch” so I keep hope alive.