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True Life: the laughter

dialing…i woke up feeling so full today
it was a great week!
I did everything I said I wanted to do 
And i had so much fun doing it

I’m really just here for a good time
I mean i want to feel all of the feels of course
And go deep 
I wanna feel that feeling!
That passion, that intensity, that heat!

(Word to B)

i am just so grateful to be around people who almost every single time we interact 
there is laughter 
I love people who just have good banter
light hearted 
easy going 
and witty 
I love laughing and leaning into someone’s shoulder
I love watching someone’s veins pop out of their neck or their eyes start tearing up with laughter
I just adore that exchange 
When someone has a long drawn out laugh
Or when someone looks over at me, who is still cracking up laughing, wit the side eye like “ard it wasn’t that funny!” Hahahaha 
Omg i just love it 

I’m having a really good time
And i love having the mantra, mentality and faith that “this too shall pass” because it will
It keeps me mentally in balance 
Because it’s real 
Everything is temporary
Bad times don’t last forever baby 
And neither do the good times
So when things are good, I’m completely submerged in those moments
I’m soaking as much love and joy and peace and zen and comfort as possible out of these moments 
this is my life’s fuel
I’m grateful 
staying grateful keeps me grounded and humble
And I just gotta say I am so beyond thankful for the laughs
The laughs wit my students
Laughs wit my coworkers
Laughs wit my friends + family 
Even laughs over text message 

I’ve decided I’m just gonna laugh my way through the pressure *harlem shakes* ☎️

Laugh Til We Cry

A, bb appreciation prose 🌹

The Life of The Band-Aid

Recently, I have been showered in words of affirmation
As if I’m a magical being, from a magical space
People have poured out beautiful words
that have completely elevated my appreciation for who I am
I have been told anything between “you have a beautiful mind” to “I wish I had a you”
This has touched me, deeply
Not in a “this is new to me” sort of way more so a “you see me”
-Sort of way
It is easy to feel invisible when you feel that your life’s purpose is to help others
Be there
Aid others
And it seems that when they see you all they tend to see you for is how you can help
This is the life of a band-aid
A natural supporter of anything good and everything they love
We are the band aid’s
The ones who show up
The ones who spend countless of unaccounted hours holding on
And listening
Always listening
We are the band aid’s
the one’s you keep behind your mirror in the bathroom
For the just “in case’s”
But do you ever wonder, that band-aid’s might need band aid’s too?
As much of an honor it is to be one- we all need one
To be there
To kiss and make things all better
To receive love that they don’t have to ask for
To be held without having to instruct on how to hold
We, the band-aid’s
We do not need to be told
We identify pain
We offer support
We do not wait
Can you imagine how much pain, and breaking and ripping and tearing
Shedding and molding and failing that it took for that band aid to even become?
How many times did the adhesive fall off
How many times did the water wash us away
The band aid is a blend of all the things people wish they could be
Society holds band-aids in the highest of esteem
But much like public school teachers
so few ever choose to remain
Because it is a thankless position
You are celebrated for being there, because the need is endless
Things get really tough a lot
and it is the band aid that does the hard work
The ugly work
The heavy lifting
But all cuts
Both in the deep and in the shallow-all heal in time
They all stop bleeding, eventually
And for a few moments, that band aid mends anything that may have tried to break you
It quite literally supports you so fiercely that it helps you to piece yourself back together
But what happens to the band aid?
It gets dirty
It gets soggy
It gets old
And then it gets discarded
Often before the cut even fully heals it gets replaced
I am the band aid
I have always been the band-aid
It costs me nothing to love you
I find it easy to be there for you
I neither gain nor lose anything I have within me by doing so
I am a giver.
In this life, it is important to identify what it is you practice
Because you get really good at anything you practice
As a band aid, I practice giving and gratitude
I practice unconditional love
Whether that love is reciprocal or not, it is what I practice
And I practice for free.
So that I can give for free.
I believe that you get what you give
I want unconditional love
It is all I have ever wanted
I practice vulnerability
It is all I have every wanted
I practice empathy
It is all I have ever wanted
I practice transparency
It is all I have ever wanted
I practice honesty
It is all I have every wanted
And most of all I practice joy

It is everything.

I am committed to healing myself
My nurturing and healing qualities allow me to be there
And I neither gain nor lose anything I have within me by doing so
Anyone that I love and believe in, it is easy to love you
It is easy math for me to be there
I manifested the person I want to be

And I know that I will receive everything I need and deserve, eventually

What’s keeping you Alive?

I was talking with a friend and she had some really kind things to say about me as we were having an hour-long heart to heart. She’s always encouraging me to use my vulnerability as a strength and to express myself. She said:

“You’re special. Like the energizer bunny who never gets tired but even when you are tired you’re still lively…You have this stamina this endurance that people need to know about. You are literally unbreakable… what’s keeping you alive?”
And I thought this question was quite profound. She went on to mention about my going through a lot of what I’d been through and still remaining hopeful and hungry to be alive. And now that I think about it it’s only God. It’s only my faith that keeps me going. And my unwavering belief that he has a plan for my life and it is good. To be able to trust in something full-heartedly and to believe that everything happens for His reason is comforting to me and is what keeps me going when things start to get tough.

So I wrote this poem called “I’m Alive” as sort of a response to her question and the way that I view my life.

2014: Friendships & Family

This has been the most trying year for some of my closest friendships. I began having rough patches with friends who have been in my life consistently for 9 years plus, some even longer, and we’d never had an argument before. All of my life I’ve had seasonal friendships. And surface level friendships. Because I always had a fear on getting close to anyone for fear that they’d abandon me like had happen to me so many times in my life. So whenever there was a problem or distance came in between us, for the most part it was easy just to let go and move on. But like a wise woman told me, some people are worth fighting for. So, though it was really rough and really difficult and took patience and time, I feel like all the falling outs I’ve had with some of my bestfriends has added character to our relationships and I feel them bouncing back to hopefully be even greater than they were before. I grew deeper relationships with all of my friends this year though. People I have known for years really didn’t know much about me because I’ve always bottled everything in. But this year I’ve used my vulnerability as a strength and really pushed myself to be and remain open. This brought so many of us closer. Additionally, I made new friends this year even though I told myself I didn’t care to. And not superficial new friendships, I mean like we’re really close lol I see them being a part of my life for a long time you know. So to my friends: I LOVE YALL! You all deserve dozens and dozens of roses and one day when I’m wealthy you will be physically receiving them. Shakila, Vanissa, Lo, Eyezayuh, Mariah, Sharice, Wayne, Cheria (Cherry gyal)- Thank you. I love you all so dearly. You’ve all stuck by me through so much and I’m so fortunate to have you. Amechi, Diana, Jasmyn (Floetic Justice), Shehariah, Alex, Herman,
Morgan, Natalie, Robin, Donald, G- Some of you I’ve known for a while, some are very new, but ALL of you I feel we’ve deepened our relationship and yall are just so awesome. Thanks for making 2014 such a huge joy to me!

Family- I love my family more than anything. But it’s been rough for us. We’re all over the place and we’ve been through a lot. But I just wanted to thank God for bringing my little sister/soul sister Chocolate back into my life after being separated for 7 years! She means the world to me. There are no words to explain our relationship. But you are my heart. And I just wanted to add that, familial love should never be situational. You have to love your family even when you hate them because they are all you have. When I look at each and everyone of my family members, near or far, I see myself. We are one. We are a tree. So In 2015 I would love to see my familial bonds not only with me and everyone, but actually between everyone, strengthen and grow!

An Ode to Pamela

She’s a Jewish, upper-class, 21-year old girl from New York. She stands at a slim 5’4 with luscious dark brown curly locs flowing all over her shoulders to contrast with her porcelain like skin. I’ll never forget the light in her smile the first day I met her. It was so bright! almost blinding. She was super lively and just had a great positive energy. But I’m always weary of liking my roommates. Because I’ve had too many bad experiences where they get comfortable, take advantage of my kindness and then things get awkward. However, seeing as we both have similar majors and interest in fields that people don’t really talk about or teach in schools (i.e: women’s health/ mental health) we started to form a bond. We’d have these random explosions of passions and hours-long conversations, teaching one another as we shared some of our personal experiences and things we’d learned in class.

But if you’ve ever followed me on snapchat or twitter, you probably know I’ve been frustrated with how messy our apartment has become. My blood began boiling last night, where for the zillionth time she’d told me she’d clean up and she didn’t. I was livid. I felt isolated in our already small place. I was irritated I couldn’t eat dinner at a table, instead I had no choice but to eat on top of my books. So I whatsapped my father and asked him for advice because I felt myself zapping on her in the morning. I prayed. I went to sleep, bitter.

Then I woke up this morning to pray and I found clarity. There was a stillness in the morning that was so beautiful to me and as I rolled over to see my fathers response, I realized he was right. And I looked over to see her sleeping so innocently, almost childlike, and I thought, “where did her smile go?” I walked around the trash filled apartment with clothing and books sprawled everywhere and had a disturbing memory of the similarities of how my room looked when I was really depressed. “She must be going through something,” I reasoned. She’d always been fairly tidy when I first met her as she’s this vegetarian striving to live “green.” She makes her own laundry detergents and deodorants and everything! “Where had that girl gone?” I pondered to myself and decided I have to say something. I wish someone had noticed… or said something before I got too deeply lost in my mental. So I was up for a while. just waiting for her to wake up. She does. I awkwardly start the conversation and instead of approaching it like “YOU need to clean up because I feel uncomfortable” I really wanted her to know that I was concerned for her but to also be firm about letting her know that the apartment was officially out of control.

We ended up having a heart filled conversation about how she’s been feeling depressed. She’s a transfer really having a rough time with the AU community and being in DC in general. And though I mentioned she’s upper-class and much apart of that 1% who pretty much will always be good no matter what (unless God forbid, every member in her family died), you would never know. She’s so humble. She’s just like a regular girl and she’s smart, funny and thinks critically of the world. So I decided to share a bit about my story with her, through teary-eyes and a bit of a shakey voice to let her know, “I know what that feels like.” She was saying something to the extent that she doesn’t feel inspired here, she doesn’t like it here. And I shared with her how when my dad would come get me from school I would feel like that *hands-up emoji* just to get away. But then on Sunday when he’d get ready to take me back, I’d “go to the bathroom” before we left and really just have a panic attack on the floor. streaming tears with both hands covered over my mouth so he wouldn’t hear. Because I did not want to go back to this place that reminded me of so much trauma and pain. After sharing and she cried a bit, I encouraged her to do whats best for her happiness because that’s something I never made a priority which is why I was so miserable for so long.

She thanked me for the conversation and agreed that when you and your environment look better you feel better. So as she hopped up and started cleaning, I started to see the light emerge in her again. It was the most beautiful thing to be a part of! She really opened my eyes to how I can use my story and vulnerability as my strength and to help others. And for that, I’m eternally thankful to Pamela.