True Life: The Source of Self-Regard

You have got to understand and believe in your unique abilities, capabilities and aspects. I regard myself highly. In that I acknowledge and respect how thoughtful, generous, considerate, understanding, empathetic and graceful that I am. I know I possess these qualities because I have practiced them but also because that is just the quality of my character. Although I recognize my shortcomings I see them as areas for growth and sometimes challenges. And I still love and accept myself even with these negative aspects.

Where you get your respect for yourself is determined by the things you believe are essential and at your core foundation of your identity. I know who I am. So there are just things that are non negotiable in order for me to maintain a high sense of love and self regard. Being authentically myself, feeling safe and loved are paramount. And because I understand I operate my best when these 3 things are present I do not waiver on requiring this of every person i’m around and most spaces that I dwell. 

This is important. ☎️

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