True Life: i’m not perfect

dialing…I get emotional thinking abt the way some people have romanticized me. People think it’s flattering to be viewed as “perfect” but really it’s so limiting and anxiety provoking. I am not perfect. Just like you. People see things in others that they idealize and imagine ohh they must be so perfect and they must always be so happy and they never disappoint. This is really an unrealistic and even cruel way to see someone. Because it doesn’t allow for space to be human or the grace to make inevitable mistakes. Nobody is happy all of the time. But I am in control of how I’d like other people to experience me which is why I choose to spread love and to be kind. Every where that i go. But that doesn’t mean that I do not have many layers and complexities. That I’m not at times moody, cranky, sad or even mean. But even when I’m not “perfect” or even my best, I’m still worthy and deserving of grace and mercy, forgiveness and love. Just like you. I’m so glad that the universe is divinely aligning me with environments and people who love me in spite of. In spite of our differences, challenges and disappointments. Because that’s how I choose to love. Love in spite of flaws and irritations. Love, in spite of. And anyone who is aligned with my values and principles will understand and practice a love like this that isn’t quick to discard but rather quick to understand, empathize and sustain. ☎️

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