True Life: the laughter

dialing…i woke up feeling so full today
it was a great week!
I did everything I said I wanted to do 
And i had so much fun doing it

I’m really just here for a good time
I mean i want to feel all of the feels of course
And go deep 
I wanna feel that feeling!
That passion, that intensity, that heat!

(Word to B)

i am just so grateful to be around people who almost every single time we interact 
there is laughter 
I love people who just have good banter
light hearted 
easy going 
and witty 
I love laughing and leaning into someone’s shoulder
I love watching someone’s veins pop out of their neck or their eyes start tearing up with laughter
I just adore that exchange 
When someone has a long drawn out laugh
Or when someone looks over at me, who is still cracking up laughing, wit the side eye like “ard it wasn’t that funny!” Hahahaha 
Omg i just love it 

I’m having a really good time
And i love having the mantra, mentality and faith that “this too shall pass” because it will
It keeps me mentally in balance 
Because it’s real 
Everything is temporary
Bad times don’t last forever baby 
And neither do the good times
So when things are good, I’m completely submerged in those moments
I’m soaking as much love and joy and peace and zen and comfort as possible out of these moments 
this is my life’s fuel
I’m grateful 
staying grateful keeps me grounded and humble
And I just gotta say I am so beyond thankful for the laughs
The laughs wit my students
Laughs wit my coworkers
Laughs wit my friends + family 
Even laughs over text message 

I’ve decided I’m just gonna laugh my way through the pressure *harlem shakes* ☎️

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