True Life: fatal attraction

I’ve been dreaming about the memories
mesmerized by the cushion of love
life is full of storms
hurricanes and disaster
but when you have a love to look after
A delicacy, rare and full of magic
you just might have something to hold on to
you might just have someone who will help you get well soon
having someone to love
damn it feels good to have someone to love
like a lozenge for the soul
how comforting it is to know
that you are so capable of loving
More than capable you just might be good at it
Perhaps you were born for this
Born for bliss
arms wide open and a heart water falling
full and so willing
when you allow yourself to love and be loved
It helps ease the pain a bit
There’s a “something to look forward” to
Someone to wonder about
Someone who notices you too
There’s a “let me know when you get home”
and a “are you okay?”
someone who feels something for you
Eyes smiling back at yours
A heart that beats faster
Someone to let it all go for
When you realize that it’s okay to go deep
You might just fall in love
And the way that you love
That just might be the remedy
The one you’ve searched for all along
The solution for the troubles and strife and all things that have gone wrong these days
I’m in the mood to just keep growing
keep moving
keep loving
keep learning
And maybe,
Just maybe i too will manifest the lover that i am becoming ☎️

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