True Life: The Present Is A Present

What a gift it is
Eyes wide
joys of tearing up even
Slouched in the passenger seat
The moon is on our side 
And the night air is cool 
The music’s volume too 
Even moments of silence
Are still moments with you 

What a gift it is
To see someone in their element
To be quiet and left alone
To breathe and to live like all we have is right now
Cause all we do have is right now
There’s nothing that we can change about what happened before
And no sense worrying about the future
Especially when most things are out of our control 
Living intentionally doesn’t mean having everything planned out
its nice to have an idea, a sketch
We let the spirits guide and the energy flow
Being intentional also means letting go
It means to be so vigilant about time spent
That you won’t even waste a minute doing anything or surrounded by anyone who is not aligned with your energy

We all are on different wavelengths
Since I was younger I could never make sense
Of how some people don’t see color in their minds
And their thoughts don’t constantly play a game of Tetris 
summer salting through the pressure
But I’ve come to accept that I’m in a league of my own
Cut from an ancient cloth
Birthed in an ancient ocean
A hugger of trees 
People who know me, they know
What it means for me to be me
to be here
To be still
To look someone in their eye
And just be real
To speak to someone who just makes sense
They give you something that you can just feel 

What a gift it is
I could die in this moment
life is precious
but I wouldn’t look back and change a thing
Because the freedom I’ve found in the power of now
Keeps my heart roaming
Rather beating
808’s are forever
And right now, these moments they keep me
Just keep me, still me
Liberation of my inner me
It’s undeniable 
That being present in the moment 
it’s all that I have the capacity for these days
And is honestly where I rather be ☎️

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