True Life: The Power in Routines

Dialing…Every single day there just are certain things that I do. To keep me, me. Not because I want to or because I feel like it necessarily, but because I have to. So much of my mental stability relies on the way I structure my life. I need a routine to stay stable. I think most people do. I used to think that well having to establish a routine takes the fun out of life like it leaves no room for spontaneity. And adventure. Exploration. Only it does.

Because I have a routine that keeps me stable, I am able to think clearly and actually be inspired to create time where it might not otherwise exist. It gives me the power of choice. Who really has the time to meet up? Hike? To paint? To write? To meditate? To workout? Nobody. Everybody’s excuse is “I don’t have the time” but the way I see it is, no one does. You could always be choosing to do something else with your time or spend your time with someone else. So I don’t take it for granted. I create time. I find the time to call my loved ones. To write my friend a letter. To greet strangers at Dunkin’ Donuts. To stretch. I make that time. Could I be doing something else? Sure. Absolutely. But that’s how priorities work. You can’t truly understand or organize your priorities without structure or a routine. It will be hard to figure out what is most urgent because ur not checking in with yourself and areas of your routine where you can be flexible and areas where you just cannot budge.

For my mental health, I have structured routines around my morning time, after work time, and evening time. I make the time every single day to take care of my hygienic needs, eat, take meds & vitamins, freestyle, meditate, read, write and workout (most days). these are the things I just cannot budge on. Everything else I find time to squeeze between these but this is the framework. These are the promises I made to myself. And my confidence and comfort continues to grow as I keep the promises that I made to myself.

So with that, it’s time for the first workout of the week that I’d rather take a nap with my cat Ginger instead but…imma change clothes and go. ☎️

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