Way We Love

“we love the way we do because we tell the truth”
a beautiful affirmation sent between brown lips
the same lips they used to defile us
the same lips that we heal wounds with
our hugs are like Scriptures
reflections of the love of our creator
this bond is proof of black existence
we pull up to a red light and laugh and dance with black girls in the cars on the left
in those same cars, wave hi and flash our white tiles at black boys in the cars to the right
we love and we fight
our words are powerful but they are not the only things that heal us
we are who we say we are
even when we disagree, we end the night with a tight embrace
pouring our love back into one another
in a flicker of rage, an outburst of displaced emotion
we do not hesitate to not only apologize but acknowledge where we made the mistake
we take our time
time means a lot to us so we do not waste
yes we go in between time, days, sometimes months
our communication style is not conventional
still, a love like ours is unconditional
we pick back up right where we left off
like continuing a Netflix show
and we rarely have to rochambeaux to work through our differences
because the grace that lives within us requires no thing of the sort
it is not always sweet-and it is almost never easy
but we have practiced
failed again and practiced
we are still growing but
“we love the way we do because we tell the truth”
there is no hiding
no suppressed passive aggression, or silent competition between one another
we are lovers, and we are friends
always friends, always lovers
there is no mask suffocating who we really are
in fact, I know you like I know my name
we keep no secrets
even the things we do not yet know
are just that much more we have to explore, together
and when we look in the mirror
there we are, reflecting that blinding light
we don’t walk in this world projecting our insecurities on others
searching for someone to blame
we recognize and work through our pain
we know we have more growth to go, but ultimately we surrender to the sky above
meditating with “I am not who I once was”
plenty of journey to go
no paralyzing fear can keep us from being seen
because we love
the way we love, we love
because we really do
the beautiful parts and all the darkness
we see it all and we love it all
we stand and sometimes we fall, we miss calls, txts
regress with an ex, sometimes we lose money
with some of the wrong people we have slept
but still we own it
we all have the right to be who we are
“we love the way we do because we tell the truth”
that is the common thread
good, bad, ugly or ashamed
we’re honest
we have always been who we say we are


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