The Best Years


We go weeks and months in between

We can’t, but want to be there

Sharing coffee, spilling tea, remembering

The bond we’ve nurtured over these years

You see, I watched your kids grow up

They grew up right in front of me

And I remember when you jumped the broom

How we danced that night, I remember 

Yes I remember

That one birthday, we got so lit 

It was all a blur but the memory remains

Just like I remember that year you graduated 

And how we celebrated

We laughed 

We sang

We danced

These are the times 

The times I will always remember 

I remember waiting outside the club 

Freezing in heels

Waiting to get to our table

I remember that time we got so high

I thought the car was a spaceship

I got seasick and my insides met your floor 

I remember

I remember you making music working on beats

And us sleeping on that hard floor of that studio

Yes I remember

How could I not remember 

How time has escaped me

Where did the minutes go

The hours we used to spend talking on the phone

Take me back to the soccer games we played 

The young love I used to date 

Time is precious

And as my clock ticks down 

I learn to cherish 

Because these days will swiftly pass by

And today will become yesterday 

Within a blink of an eye 

Black hair turns gray

And suddenly we can’t remember certain things 

We lived in so many moments 

But we will never get them back

The memories will never let go

And it’s getting harder to stay in touch

But wherever you go 

However you grow

Please, just remember 

Remember how things were before

Before we had jobs

Before we had nice clothes

Before the car payments

Before we knew what we now know

Our time is ever fleeting

And these years will keep going faster

Seeming shorter

So be in the moment 

When it comes to memories I’m a hoarder

And I will hold on to as many details as I can remember

Because to remember 

Can feel like to relive 

And to relive is to experience love once again

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