All of these chems

Blue blood pumping

infiltrating my system

A doctor twisting my intuition


Bordering miserable

How can I go on like this?

Life is locked inside these bottles

Inside these tablets

Inside of these capsules that are sweltering

With the illusion of happy

These bottles they twist and we still pop too

Because the desperation is real

we dangle on the edge of sanity the moment we wake from soiled sheets

Sheets we swam in to escape our forced Goodmornings but that we still cling to our almost lovers or their absence thereof

Fearful of these never ending nights

Can’t rest

Can’t eat

And we don’t protest this cycle

Cause we settle for whatever chems they decide is best

Cant seem to find, but we know it’s the nutrients that were missing

For now, we bury the costs

And still wonder,

What will we have left?


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