Metaphor to my life, mane

Scott Mescudi.

I’m so happy that you chose You. And I’ve been thinking all day… There is nothing to feel ashamed about but I hear you. And I empathize with you. See we literally all go through things in life. This is why the spirt of a person, their peace of mind, their mental health is so important. Only you know you. And you have to make your mental health a priority. After all what do we exist in this life for? To be troubled or to be happy? To find joy. Find peace. to self-actualize. Cudi literally, just by way of being who he is and being brave enough to seek help, inspired and actually motivated so many people to share their own individual stories about their mental health on so many different platforms of social media today. I’m just so moved. It takes great courage and bravery to speak up about something so real & personal , but I’m so glad that he did because it welcomed so many others to do the same. I can’t wait until we live in a world where these conversations are welcomed and regular. Where we are having these conversations frequently and creating the time and space into our society in a way that shows how much we value one another and mental health.

Blessings to cudi.

Hoping he heals and finds his happy again. And I hope others are motivated to be just as brave and seek help. That might look like a lot of different ways as people generally have different needs. But I’d encourage everyone to take some time to be conscious of their mental health this week and beyond. Just be mindful and honest about how you’re doing. How you feel. Acknowledge those feelings and adopt some healthy coping mechanisms.


If you’re musically  inclined and believe in the power of music as a healing agent (like I do)…Some songs old and new that have been helpful in my mindfulness about how I’m feeling and also that have lifted me up even while writing this include:

Sky Might Fall| Cudi

Ghost| Cudi

Eternal Sunshine| Jhene

Finish Line/Drown| Chance

I Gotta Find Peace of Mind|Lauryn Hill

Novacane| Frank Ocean

Cranes in the Sky| Solange





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