Heaven’s Hotlines: Forgive Me, First Love

I was moved to tears today.

At the thought of allowing God to slip from 1st place in my life.

The other day I sat on my uncles couch inquiring about how to move forward with God. And he quoted a scripture as a means to encourage me not to condemn myself for not always understanding but just to have faith and obedience. That scripture was Isaiah 55:8 “For my thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways my ways” and when I heard this spoken about in church I was so moved because I’m like something is really tugging on my heart.

Every Sunday when I go to church I feel like that feeling of confidence and accomplishment of a new start. Much like you’d feel when you hit the reset button and blew through a game for your Sega* (game system sorry if you’re too young to catch the reference lol) Sundays are my favorite day because of this. I continually feel refreshed like its truly a new day but then I asked myself, why can’t I feel this every day? Why can’t I carry this with me every where that I go?

I realized that when you put God first everything else aligns itself in your life. And in order to be ready to receive your blessings and miracles you have to be committed and focused on God in your life and trust that he will favor and provide for you in all things.

So when I cried today, it was at the thought that I’d ever put my first love in second place. Distracted by relationships and social environments among other things I realize I was trying to align things on my own and i’ve experienced how things fall apart when you do that.

I believe that everyone who believes in God can always grow closer to him each day so I just want to encourage anyone who has been grappling with their happiness, conflicting emotions, condemnation, failing or just feelings of emptiness. Seek him and you will find. And every time you will see that you will be alright. It’s the most important and peaceful feeling when you finally realize how to finally move forward in your life.

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