Some Day

I’ll look ocean deep into your brown eyes
Your iris will capture even my third eyes attention, and no words will be exchanged but
My heart will flutter without hesitation

This is the feeling lovers and dreamers sing songs about
We pour out our art, painting vivid pictures of how things start and the butterflies that ensue to consume your inside parts

Some day, I will catch myself falling for you
Though you and others have warned me so
Some day I will allow sweet somethings to escape from my lips
Some day I will engrave poetry into your skin  while we watch the moons eclipse

And some day, when our beautiful brown skinned, pearly white smiles meet there will be a flicker of electricity pulsating between souls

You’ve awakened something in me I thought had gone cold
Some day you will see that all I wanted was for you to be happy
With or without me
I have grown to care so much about a being who’s energy is so vibrant it transcends all space, distance or time and

Some day, I hope to keep you smiling
Near or far I pray you see through it all
Through all the pain and twisted past that make us who we are
Some day I hope you embrace me with open arms

And one day, and I know this for certain, I’ll dial up heavens hotlines and thank God for blessing me with someone like you.

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