Welcome 2016: Keep Going

You keep going

Run further

Push harder

Things get tougher but you’re a fighter

Fighting the good fight

He gives you the stamina required to remain firm

After all the things you’ve been through

You’re alive and

You’re breathing still

Standing strong

Despite all the wrongs

There is a bright light

Permanently engrained in your eye sight

It guides you above the waters

And through the depths of the thick, dark forest

You’re on the walk to freedom

To liberty to happiness

Walk with grace and in confidence

Because you’re whole being is still breathing because of the mercy you’ve been receiving

So be glad

Be inspired

Be faithful

Be love

And forget not to spread that light everywhere that you go because people are watching, people are learning, from you this journey is winding and never ending

You have a purpose

And it’s blinding

Keep your head up

And as the moon marks off the seasons and the sun knows when to go down
Admire the beauty in your breathing.

You’re alive, that heart is still beating.

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