These Chains

Her nose was bloodied

And her head was bowed.

Tears streamed down her cheeks

She lost her voice and never made a sound
Unaware of the crown on her head

She remained focused on the ground

She felt lost, like she could never be found

These chains seemed to be the only things connecting her to the world around

These cold hard chains she got used to

Until one day her Father helped his daughter up from all her sorrows and deep blues

He held her head up and said

“You are loved. You are queen,

can’t you see the crown I’ve placed on your head?

I told you once I’d die for you and I’d never leave you for dead

So please my child, have faith and believe in the good things that lie ahead.”

She felt the chains shake beneath her

She was standing on His solid foundation

And all at once she felt her heart defrosting

Beating fast and lively she couldn’t contain it

Her veins regained circulation

and she looked in the mirror through her brand new eyes

The joy she felt from this reassurance

Her stream of tears dried

She’d never felt more alive

All she needed to know was that He loved her all along

And that all those times she felt alone,

He was listening to her hearts sad song

And not only hear it but help her change the melody

She said,

“Father I just want to be a better me and I know it’s only through you that I could ever be. Free me from this bondage. Break these chains up off me, so like the eagle I will fly too.”

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