Hope and faith have guided me through some of the toughest of times. But it is love that has kept my spirits up. It is love that has allowed me to find comfort through extenuating circumstances. God forbid there come a day where I am too bitter to love. I hope that I am strong enough and brave enough to love intentionally. And to forgive those who have hurt me deeply. I feel it’s the saddest tragedy that many people stay stuck in the valley of the unforgiveness of themselves. It seems hard to forgive yourself because you feel like how could you have allowed this to happen or how could you be so foolish? I really dislike these negative thoughts and it’s no good to dwell on them. Pray about everything and worry about nothing and all will be well.

I believe that God knows what he’s doing in my life. It’s just unfortunate that sometimes you have to go through unimaginable trials and hardships that take such tolls on your heart. But thank God this makes you stronger. It builds your endurance because as life goes on it only gets harder but with experience you grow wiser. I just hope I can make it past my moments of sadness and gloom and once again be filled with a happiness.   Life is what you make it. In the bible it says as a man thinketh so is he. And I believe that I am beautiful. I believe that I will be successful. I believe that I am intelligent. And I believe that I am special. So all these must be true. The true joy I have been able to experience has only been because of God as he delivered me from the darkest of times. So I’d rather reflect upon the good things he’s done in my life than to dwell on temporary heartaches. 

Self love is the greatest of all. Know your worth and really believe in yourself. Look in the mirror and love that person you see. Make her smile like no man can. Remind her of her fathers love. Speak positivity into her life. You have to be dedicated to loving yourself and above all loving God. Because only He will be there with you wherever you go. And sometimes it takes heartbreaks and heartaches and bumps in the road for you to realize that it’s only He that can heal you from any and everything. So never take that relationship for granted. 

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