The River Flows

Note: Best read while listening to Yiruma’s “River Flows in You” in the background. (

I always think about what I want to be remembered for.

I don’t want my life to be measured by my accomplishments. My failures. My struggles.

I want it to be measured by the imprint I’ve left in the hearts of others.

I want to be unforgettably known for something good.

I’m not perfect just like everyone I know, but

When I think about the people I will never forget

The people who have helped to shape me into the Sua I am today,

I am humbled and eternally grateful.

And most importantly I want to be what they were to me for somebody else

Because, y’know

There’s a river inside of us all.

A vast, deep, blue river with living-flowing water

This river can symbolize many things but most importantly for me

It’s Love.

It’s God.

This river was given to us by grace alone.

And it’s such a beautiful thing.

To float in that love.

To swim, and bask and be kissed by the reflection of light in this water.

It’s so refreshing I feel like how could you go through life and not experience this?

I feel a duty to spread this.

My deepest desire in life is to release this river inside of me to do the most amount of Good that I can.

When I think about some of my best friends, teachers, mentors—

People who have this light in them, I try to figure out how it is that they’ve rubbed off on me? How have they managed to touch my life in such indescribable ways?


Because they poured some of their river into me that helped me to build the me I wanna be.

It’s a beautiful thing man, this life

and how we are all ultimately connected by this energy.

So how do we let the river flow so that it will continue to live and grow wherever it goes?

It’s through you and your ability to be transparent enough that it shines through.

Through your words and your actions and your personality.

Let it flow consistently.

Be positive.

Be intentional.

Be easy, and just let it flow wherever it is that you go.

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