Eternal Sunshine

Note: Best read while listening to Jhene Aiko’s “Eternal Sunshine” in the background.


It’s Sunday and I did make it to church today actually… I think my goldilocks process of finding a church has come to an end. This one was “just right.”

*the crowd roars* I know.

But yeah, from church I loved the analogy (of the bride/bridegroom/bridesmaids and lamps) in the book of Matthew [25:1-13] and how clearly the Pastor explained about how important the church is and how the word of God is the fuel you need to sustain yourself in this life. This really resonated with me and topped off my week. So when I listen to a song like this, it really makes me feel good.


When I think about this weekend and how amazing it was… all I can recall are all of the good things.

the good things.

the laughs, the friends, the family, the new experiences, the quality time,

the passion, the purpose

the adrenaline, the calm, the light

the love.

And another point touched on in church was how if there is no love in it, there is no God in it.

Be it:

A relationship.

A new job.

A home-cooked meal. idk whatever,

God cannot be in it.

And I love Love and I think if I could take one lesson away from this weekend it’s something my father told me, “The more love you give, the more love you get” Especially after this weekends success, I know this is truth…

But honestly I’m gonna keep this one short(er) because some things are just too special to be posting pics or writing about in great detail. Some things, you should hold and cherish to yourself. And I will say this weekend really went down as being one of the greatest OF ALL TIME! Not necessarily because of what I did because I didn’t do much out of the ordinary… but mostly because of the people I spent time with.

Sidebar: I’m gonna probably have to start posting more than just exclusively Sunday’s. because that’s just too much time. Lol. I have all these ideas during the week but then by Sunday something else seems more appropriate to write about. So yeah we’ll see how this goes. I’m working (in my head) on these posts “The Death and Life of Trees: A love story” and this post about Trust which I haven’t thought of a “cool” title for yet.

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